For more contact information you can:

  • Comment on my blog (I respond XD)
  • Duolingo (anyiamv)
  • Wikihow – I’m in the process of making an account but if you want to see articles I have created link will be below.
  • Khan Academy (mathvictoria)
  • Pinterest (artistvica)
  • Twitter (artistvica)
  • Younow (artistvica)

For security and private reasons,  I will not put more of my contact information until necessary.  Hope you understand but I always reply to comments so if you have any questions, suggestions, leave a like, follow, and comment.  Thank you

Also please participate in my project for Aidan, details are on my blog.  If you want to contact me about it, follow me on twitter @artistvica or comment on my blog posts.  I do have instagram but I disabled it temporarily it will be back soon.