Knoebels Review

Hey everyone.  I’m here to give a review on Knoebels.  I went to Knoebels for my field trip so I’m here to tell you about it in case your interested in going to amusement parks.  Knoebels is a family owned and operated amusement park, picnic grove, and campground in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. It is and has been America’s largest free-admission park for 89 years of operation. Opened in 1926, the park has more than 60 rides, two wooden roller coasters, a 1913 carousel, and a haunted house dark ride that was featured on the Discovery Channel. The park and its rides have won awards from organizations such as Amusement Today, American Coaster Enthusiasts, and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. In 2014, Travel Channel rated Knoebels number 2 out of their Top 10 Family Friendly Amusement Parks in the United States.

Anyway so I loved Knoebels.  It was very relaxing and fun and had great rides that would be comfortable for everyone.  I went on a lot of rides I lost count XD.  You’ll love Knoebels and the roller coasters are lit but don’t go on Impulse unless your absolutely sure.  I went on Twister and it was fast, not too fast, but fast asf.  I loved Twister a lot I would have gone on it twice but there were other rides that I wanted to do.  I also did a water roller coaster (unless your ready to get wet, don’t go on it).  It was so fun and I was soaked, and after the ride you have a choice to stand above and that’s where you will feel it the most, trust me.  I felt it so much that I even bumped into my friend lol.  But just a little tip, if you’re not comfortable with any rides, don’t go on it.  It won’t make you a wimp, it’s wise and you shouldn’t be forced to do something you don’t want to do.

The food was really good.  I wouldn’t buy their cookies some of them look gross.  They might taste good but they look a little gross.  But the chicken fingers, oh my goodness, so tasty.  And there soft serve ice cream was good, but Dairy Cream Ice Cream is way better 🙂 but they have raspberry soft serve which tasted great.

They also have gift shops but I wouldn’t recommend buying anything.  There not expensive but you can get them cheaper at better stores so I wouldn’t recommend it but if you have enough money it’s up to you

Anyway that’s the review.  I would recommend you go to this amusement park you’ll like it :).  Remember to leave a like, follow, and feedback.  Thank you:) Don’t forget to use hashtag #HelpAidanEberhardt on Twitter, Instagram, or your blog.  God Bless 🙂



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