How to Hang Out With Friends More With Strict Parents

Hey Guys :).  Before I start this post, thank you guys for getting me too 705 views on this website in 5 months.  I may not get a lot of likes but I still appreciate you guys coming to my blog and checking it out.  Thx

Anyway let’ get to business lol.  So Summer is coming up and obviously we want to hang out with our friends because Summer is the time we have no school.  But sometimes with strict parents it can be hard so I’m gonna give you some tips that can help you be able to hang out with your friends over the summer

  • Plan ahead of time
  • Don’t plan if you know you’re doing something with your family
  • Do your chores, get good grades, show your parents your responsible
  • Meet up with your friends.  If you’re gonna to the carnival and so is your friend you can meet them at the carnival that way your parents will feel more comfortable of you hanging around them

I know it may seem annoying of how parents are that strict, but there just trying to protect you.  This world is not a safe haven and you never know who to trust so you have to be CAREFUL.  If your friends are doing anything uncomfortable with you, or you know what there doing is bad, GO AWAY.  Trust me you’ll thank me later lol.  And make sure whatever your planning it’s not late at night.  Make it in the morning or middle of the day:).  Hope these tips will help you.  Remember to leave a like, follow, comment/suggestion, BE HONEST.  God Bless.  Also please participate in my project of Aidan.  I didn’t show Aidan yet cuz not a lot of people participated.  Please participate.  For more info on that link is down below.  Thank you:)  If you guys have questions about anything, let me know.  My next post will be about the #JenSelterChallenge and why you should participate



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  1. Remember if you guys have any questions/suggestions, comment below. Also don’t forget to participate in the project for Aidan. I won’t show him until more people participate. Thank you 🙂


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