SuperHero Aidan

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has participated and I hope more people will participate.  Aidan was so cuteeee.  I almost cried because I felt bad that he had to suffer so much as a young child.  I’m glad that are school got to cheer him on in the hallway with his amazing and cute smile.  I can’t stop thinking about that smile.  The more I think about it the more it lightens me up.  I will show Aidan this project and my school and keep spreading the word, God Bless You All :)).  If you want to donate to Aidan, go on this link.

Our school was also on the news (Action News, Snj, and etc).  The video links  will be below.  God Bless you All and #SuperheroAidan

VIDEO: Williamstown Superhero Going Through Chemotherapy After Brain Tumor is Cheered on by School

Here is a picture of Aidan Eberhardt #HelpAidanEberhardt

Superhero Aidan


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