Hey everyone, so if you saw my last post I wrote some stuff in the comment section.  So if you didn’t see that one of the third grade students in my school, Aidan Eberhardt, has been diagnosed with Medulloblastoma and is receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.   It honestly breaks my heart when kids suffer all these diseases at such a young age.  Even though my school is doing something big for him, I want everyone to be involved in helping Aidan in his time of need.  So I decided to reach out to you guys and start something.  So Aidan loves Super Heroes and I want us all to show our loving support.  So starting today, I want you all to take a picture of yourself wearing a superhero shirt, or superhero colors, post it on your blog, and write the hashtag that is on top right here.  Also write some nice stuff on your blog post if you want. Or you can post a pic of yourself on Instagram or Twitter and put this hashtag. This would mean a lot if you guys participated to show our love for Aidan, and to wish him luck and the battle of fighting this horrible disease.  I hope you guys participate.  I’m reaching out to a lot of people to participate to spread the word.  Also I will be making a GoFundMe Fundraiser this May,  I’ll put the link in a couple of weeks once I make it.  Thank You and God Bless :).


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  1. Such a lovely idea! x


    1. thank you so much it means alot


  2. Victoria says:

    Guys please participate it would mean alot if you did. Aidan doesn’t know I’m doing this project so please come and participate to show our love for him and to help him battle the fight of cancer


    1. alrighty let me go check :))

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    2. Thank you so much you look awesome, I’ll show this to Aidan thank you so much :)))))))

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