How to Roast People

So as we know there is a term called roasting.   To roast means not only to cook XD.  It also means comedy insults that are to a person.  So I’m gonna tell you guys my tricks of how to roast people.  Know don’t roast people unless either they try to roast you back or they’re being mean to you.  If you roast people out of the bloom you could start a lot of drama and that’s not what you want.  So I’m gonna put some Do and Don’t tips.

DO roast them about embarrassing things.  Like maybe they come to school their hair smelling like shit, roast them about that.

DON’T make it personal.  The last thing you need is to start a huge fight that can get ugly.  If you’re gonna roast someone don’t make it personal please.  I repeat, DON’T MAKE IT PERSONAL.

DO go online to find ideas.  Some people need ideas so you can go on websites like Reddit and find the roast me thing that’s trending and find some good roasts.  You can even go on YouTube and find people like Rice Gum and get ideas.

DON’T copy every insult off the internet.  Not all internet comebacks make sense.  Some of them either sound to subtle or don’t make sense.  Remember you’re trying to find ideas not copy.  Or find a roast and make it into your own.  But don’t steal XD  and don’t copy off of other people.  Be original

DO use props.  Props can help make the roast more funny depending on what roast your saying.  Or you could pull up a pic from your phone.

DON’T try to hard.  You don’t need to become the master of roasting.  Usually when someone ticks you off, a roast might just come out of your mouth.  So don’t try to hard, thx

There are many more tips but those were the ones I wanted to point out to y’all.  It’s hard sometimes to explain how to roast because roast just come out of my mouth when people tick me off and they sound offensive XD.  Anyway hope you enjoyed this topic.  Remember to leave a follow, like, and comment.  Comment what you think of my blog, suggestions or anything, be honest.  I would love to interact with you guys more.  God Bless :))


Rice Gum


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  1. Victoria says:

    In my next blog post tomorrow I have a suprise. I want you guys to help me in a project for a kid in my school named Aidan. He has brain cancer and I want to do something nice for him. So please comment some ideas and take part of helping children with cancer. :))

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  2. Victoria says:

    Hope you all join

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  3. Brenda Liang says:

    hahaha hilarious :)) thanks for the like btw, means a lot xX

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    1. LOL thank your so much for your positive feedback. and your welcome that blog post was awesome :))

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