Dealing with Drama

Hey ya’ll.  On first note I just wanted to say thank you for everyone following me 🙂 Means a lot.  So this topic will be about what we all have been through DRAMA.  One of the struggles in school

When you start getting into middle school, you will start experiencing a lot of drama.  My school has a lot, it’s so crazy.  It’s just amazes me how some people can be so rude and disgraceful and they don’t even care.  Like some people in my school are always making fun of my hair because I’m African-American, like bitch don’t play with me XD.  Or you always get excluded from things, that hurts a lot folks.   Whether you’re in public or catholic school you will always experience drama, TRUST ME.  I just wanted to give you some of my personal tips on how to deal with drama queens and not just crap you see on the Internet XD.

  • Don’t show people that your letting the bullies get to you.  If you show that you’re getting upset over what people are saying about you, they’ll just continue doing it.  Why, because they want to see your reaction.  Bullies love when you show that you’re getting pissed off at what they’re saying about you.  You have to be strong, keep your head up, stand tall, and smile.  Smile is the best confidence booster you could put on you.
  • Don’t get involved.  I know this is hard because some people are always in the middle of drama, but you have to learn not to get involved unless it has to do with you.  If you get involved, you could end up making things way worse than they already are.  Of course stand up for others and yourselves, but don’t get too involved because things could end up ugly.  But if you know what you’re doing is right, don’t let what anyone thinks get to you doing the right thing.
  • Be careful of whom to trust.  Some drama ends up with maybe someone exposing a big secret, or rumor about you.  DON’T TRUST ANYONE PEOPLE.  I REPEAT DON’T TRUST ANYONE.  BECAUSE THAT PERSON WHO YOU TRUST THE MOST COULD TURN THERE BACK ON YOU IN ONE, TWO, THREE.

There are more tips but those are just the ones I wanted to share with all of you.  Drama won’t go away even when you’re an adult.  I know crazy right, but you have to learn to deal with it and focus on other things.  If you want to be successful in this world DON’T FOCUS ON DRAMA.  Focus on yourself and making this country peaceful.  And remember, NOBODY IS PERFECT, ONLY GOD IS.

Hope you all enjoyed this topic.  Please leave a like and follow and if you have any questions comment below and I will answer them.  God Bless.



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