20 Tips to get Celebrities to Notice you on Twitter

Reach for the Stars

Would you love to check your mentions on Twitter one day and see a tweet to you from your favorite celebrity? Celebrities love their fans and many reply, follow and RT fans everyday. I want to help YOU get noticed by your idol!
Here’s 20 tips that will increase your chances by … A lot!!

A few things before I start my tips!
Your chances of being noticed by a celebrity depends on MANY factors!
If a celebrity has millions of followers and only tweets once a week or so (like Taylor Swift) your chances are VERY small.

Also, some celebrities only use their Twitter account to promote THEIR projects. Check their timeline if they never reply to fans and only tweet about upcoming episodes, albums, songs, events, then, sorry but you really shouldn’t waste your time trying to get reply from that particular celebrity.

Last, please be aware that…

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